The History of Amor y Amargo

When Ravi DeRossi and Sother Teague took over a pint-sized piece of real estate from a shuttered sandwich shop in 2011, they made a bet on the adventurousness and good taste of New York's drinking population. No mixers, no shakers—just bitters-forward cocktails stirred and served with care in an intimate speakeasy setting. They named their bar Amor y Amargo, translating to "love and bitter" in Spanish. It was a smash success that helped usher in a resurgence of interest in bitters—those high-proof botanical "seasonings" used cocktails—as well as other manner of botanically-accented Italian amari and fortified wine. Over the years, the original Amor y Amargo has been nominated and awarded some of the industry's highest honors—including being ranked consistently among the world's best bars. Meanwhile several of bartender Sother Teague's signature cocktails have become new classics poured up by mixologists all over the world. In 2020, Amor y Amargo has grown to become part of Ravi DeRossi's Overthrow Hospitality—a mission-driven hospitality group dedicated to promoting sustainability, compassion, and inclusivity in the industry. Our company includes the original Amor y Amargo, America's first bitters tasting room and the General Store by Amor y Amargo. Throughout our journey, our success has been predicated on fidelity to a simple principle: forever chasing excellence in a setting that invites any and all to pull up a stool and bend the elbow.