Dan to fill in introduction. We're a bitters bar... etc. restaurant and bar company from proprietor Ravi DeRossi, whose legacy in New York City’s East Village spans twenty years and dozens of venues. As a hospitality group, our mission is to build a place of purpose, a place where we don’t have to seek things on the outside to feel appreciated. A place where hard-work and discipline creates unbreakable bonds. A place that's not just a job but a community. A world where you are celebrated for who we are intentionally, instead of accidentally, where being human is expected but acting out of love is  required. A place that replaces the home many of us have lost. That's what a Revolution can do, it can create a world worth living in. For some, working in a bar or restaurant marks a period of transition. For others, it’s a lifelong pursuit packed with its own peaks and valleys. Our work is done on the inside, it's a reflection of who we are and we are guided wholly by the tenets that keep us motivated.

The East Village Speakeasy

Amor Y Amargo East Village location was the first etc.... Dan to fill in copy

Our Retired Brooklyn Cocktail Lounge

Our retired lounge opened in ___ etc.

The Newly Opened Brooklyn Shop

Revolution Hospitality champions situation, we launched Avant Garden’s "Free Meal" program, which provides walk-up access to daily vegan meals to anyone in need.